Driving Trail Ridge Road to Grand Lake - West Side Delights

East Inlet Trail Sunset

Many folks hike in Rocky Mountain National Park, especially around Bear Lake, but one of my favorite places to hike on a summer evening is the East Inlet Trail.  Along the trail there are a variety of ecosystems, from aspen, sagebrush, lodgepole pine, as well as the wonderful wet meadows just a half mile above Adams Falls.  Often the largest bull moose I see all year are in this area.  So think about taking an afternoon drive across Trail Ridge Road to Grand Lake for a nice dinner and then hike in the cool evening air on the East Inlet Trail.  There is something amazing about driving over Trail Ridge Road back to Estes Park after twilight and seeing the city lights of the Front Range show up as you head down from the tundra.  Sometimes a herd of elk may welcome you back while out for their evening dinner.  

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June in Rocky Mountain National Park: It's Baby Time!

Coyote Cubs

The month of June is "baby time" all over the park.  Predators like coyotes, give birth about a month before the herding species.  Early June is a great time to see coyote puppies and Great Horned Owlets.  By mid-moth, many of them will be well on their way to adulthood, which means eating solid food prey.  On the other hand, elk, moose calves, mule deer fawns, and big horn lambs will still be nursing for another month.  Spying a mother nursing her young, or playful pups wrestling are sweet moments to witness in the wild, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for them as you travel through RMNP this month!

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