May: The Month of Change in RMNP

Spring in my mind starts in April, but to most folks the first real signs of spring in Rocky Mountain National Park arrive in May. The picture of Moraine Park shows early May, in a mere 3 weeks the entire meadow will be green and lush. The dead tan grass will give way to wildflower patches dotting the landscape. The river will swell nearly above it banks as the spring snow melts. The snowy peaks will keep their white caps, but the weather pattern will finally change to offer us more clear mornings and less chance of a snow storm. Note I said "less chance."

May is the season for migrating birds, each year some rare birds show up around Estes Park. Probably the most enchanting change of May will be the arrival of baby animals at the end of the month like elk calves to baby birds. The park really comes alive in May.

Guest Post by Jared Gricoskie of Yellow Wood Guiding.

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A Dose of the Outdoors - Rx for the Body and Soul!

Health Care has certainly been in the news and on our minds over the past few years. With more time, money and energy spent on stayingfamily hiking healthy, insurance companies are looking for new ways to cut their bottom line. Studies have shown that maintaining health is much less expensive than fixing health woes once they occur, so many insurance companies are looking for ways to encourage a healthy, active lifestyle. It's no surprise that being in the great outdoors is good for us!

Sunset Magazine reports on a new trend called "Park Rx": your health insurance actually pays for entrance fees at state and national parks. The idea was launched at (read more about the history of the Parks Prescription program). Some local governments are even catching on: the state of New Mexico is building a system of "Prescription Trails" to fight the rising diabetes rates (, and in CA the SeeChange Health insurance program now reimburses patients for entry fees to 278 state parks.

So come meander down a trail in Rocky Mountain National Park, turns out it's GOOD FOR YOU! Be sure to visit for all sorts of healthy activities in and around America's favorite national park, doctor's orders.