Holiday Lights - RMNP Style

Longs Peak Sunset

Close your eyes.  Picture Estes Park in December.  Vistas blanketed in white snow, right?  Most people have that picture in mind when they think of December in Rocky Mountain National Park, however most years they'd be wrong.  

On a typical year, our high peaks are snow covered, but the region gets most of its snowfall during the early spring.  Estes Park does get the occasional snow storm around the holidays, but when I think of Christmas lights around here it's the sunset that comes to mind. 

The winter weather over Longs Peak often develops a cloud formation that sits just to the east of the mountains nearly all day long.  While the mornings during these conditions are cloudy and cool, the evenings often allow the sun to shine.  As the sun sets, the warm light and colors light up those clouds and the results are spectacular!  So even though some winter days will be cloudy and grey, often the grand finales are more than worth the wait.

Guest Post by Jared Gricoskie of Yellow Wood Guiding.  To book a guided tour of Rocky Mountain National Park, contact him at

November Loving - Best Time for Viewing Big Horn Sheep

Big Horn Ram and Lichen

Mid to late November is the prime time for watching the big horn sheep and mule deer rut.  At the start of the rut, you may see groups of four or five rams sparring with each other.  This is the best time of the year to see the biggest rams in Rocky Mountain National Park and the surrounding area.  Once the females become receptive to their advances, you may get the awesome chance to see two rams fighting.  Domincance fights can last anywhere from a few seconds to a few hours, with the sound of horns clashing heard for up to a mile away! 

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Guest post by our resident guide and wildlife expert, Jared Griscoskie of Yellow Wood Guiding