The End is Nigh - Last Chance to Enjoy Trail Ridge Road

Trail Ridge Road, RMNP, TundraMany people will tell you that the highlight of their trip in Rocky Mountain National Park was a trip over Trail Ridge Road. The striking beauty around every curve is overwhelming for many who drive this grand road. But when September arrives, the days to travel over Trail Ridge are numbered. The tundra plants have been prepared for the brief summer, some for nearly the last century, each time fall arrives they draw their reserves into their roots, turn yellow, burnt orange or red and then finally brown to wait out yet another winter. Tundra fall is a brilliant display in this 4 inch forest.

Much like the flowers, the next time we'll visit the tundra is when the first warm rays of summer arrive next May. So if you have the privilege to drive over Trail Ridge during September enjoy the colors and remember much like the summer flowers, we are just brief visitors to this grand landscape.

By Jared Gricoskie of Yellow Wood Guiding. To book your own guided tour through Rocky Mountain National Park, contact Jared at

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August: Month of Transition in RMNP

August is a month of transition from Summer into Fall. By late August the tundra turns its fall colors. The juvenile animals are starting to head out on their own, so sightings of coyotes and badgers are on the rise. Up by tree line the Elk are searching for various plants with high calcium and potassium levels to help solidify their antlers. Antlers are roughly 50% protein, 30% calcium and 20% potassium, and the last month prior to the velvet coming off is when they finally turn into hard bone for their fall fights. Generally around August 15th you'll see bull elk loosing their velvet. Keep your eyes peeled for the elk's fresh white and sometimes bloody antlers.

Guest Post by Jared Gricoskie of Yellow Wood Guiding. If you are interested in your own guided tour to see the wildlife of RMNP, contact Jared at