Top 10 Reasons to Come to the Long Peak Scottish-Irish Highland Festival this Weekend

Highlands Festival

1. Tatoo Estes 2013 - Not the body art you may be thinking of.  Tatoo means: evening drum, bugle, or piper signaling soldiers to their quarters.  The modern version of the tatoo is a parade ground concert of military bands.  Tatoo Estes is known for its powerful performance in a beautiful setting. 

Aspen - Little Known Facts about Rocky Mountain Gold

Each fall the aspen slowly show the signs of a new winter approaching. The colors: yellow, orange, and red (although this is rare!) paint the hillsides of Rocky Mountain National Park. The brilliant color may quickly fade, but it marches down the mountain side well into mid-October.
Estes Park Aspen in Fall Color

Indian Summer Hike - Heaven in the Rockies!

With the fall colors in full swing and this Indian summer hanging on, I decided a day on the trails was just what I needed! With the company of a good friend, I picked a few classic destinations on a loop that would take us through some of the parks most spectacular terrain. We arrived at the Bear Lake parking lot at about 8:00am with a blue sky overhead and cool, crisp air greeting us as we walked toward the lake.