Nature and Wildlife

When do Elk Shed their Antlers?

Elk Antlers Shed

Around mid to late winter elk antlers fall off naturally and start regrowing for the elk's next Fall Rut display.  Sometime in March to April is prime time for finding one of these trophy prizes!

Wildlife getting ready for Winter

As winter is approaching, the animals are starting to get ready.  Pictures taken in early November.

Big Horn Sheep Male

Male Deer

Big Horn Sheep with harem of females

Alpine Tundra in August on Trail Ridge Road

The alpine tundra is amazing this year up on Trail Ridge Road

alpine tundra view

alpine tundra yellow purple flowers




Tree Squirrels in Rocky Mountain National Park

tree squirrel

This cute fellow was so intent on nibbling on his nut that he let us get really close to take his picture.

The Surprising Role of Lichen: How RMNP was Made

Colorful Lichen on a Rock

Perhaps one of the most under-appreciated lifeforms in Rocky Mountain National Park are the large variety of lichens growing on the rocks and trees.  Not only are lichen colorful and an important food source for the park's beloved elk, but they actually played an important role in creating RMNP as we know it.