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Looking for a different kind of adventure?  Come have fun geocaching as a family, exploring Rocky Mountain National Park as well as the mountain towns of Estes Park and Grand Lake with the Across the Divide GeoTour which takes you to an altitude of over 12,000'! 


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The Centennial GeoAdventure celebrates the 100th Anniversary of Rocky Mountain National Park (2015), the 100th Anniversary of the National Park Service (2016), and the 100th Anniversary of Estes Park's incorporation (2017).  

This Centennial GeoAdventure will allow you to explore the "Wildlife, Wilderness & Wonder" of this beautiful region of Colorado!

Download and print out this GeoAdventure Passport Map or pick one up directly from either the Estes Park Visitor Center or the Grand Lake Visitor Center and start your exploring!  

There will be 47 geocaches to find in 2016.  

There will be traditional caches found outside of Rocky Mountain National Park, as well as the Earth Caches (with no containers) and Virtual caches found in the park.  As there is a "Leave No Trace" policy, for the virtual caches you will be asked to take a photograph, answer questions, or solve a puzzle to prove that you found the cache and the Earth Cache will teach you some lessons about the formation of that place, why it is important scientifically, or what the site can tell you about our planet.

Each year new caches and different prizes will be added so you can come back and explore even more!  You can also complete the previous year's GeoTour and receive those commemorative coins as long as they are available.  Learn more about what Geocaching is by watching this introductory video:


What is Geocaching?


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Kawaneeche Earthcache


When you're done exploring, bring your GeoAdventure Passport to either the Estes Park Visitor Center or the Grand Lake Visitor Center to get a custom wooden coin with the RMNP logo on one side and either Estes Park or Grand Lake logo on the other side.  

If you're really having fun, collect even more caches and get the Golden RMC Centennial coin.  For the most avid of geocachers, you can even pick up the sought-after trackable commemorative coin!  

So come on over to Rocky Mountain National Park and start geocaching today!  And be sure to visit to share your experiences about this GeoTour and incredibly beautiful national park.


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