Denver Airport to Estes Park

Rent a car or reserve a shuttle spot to Estes Park, Colorado from Denver International Airport (DIA):

Via Rental Car:

Estes is an hour and a half drive from Denver International Airport.

Toll - Road Route:  Using Toll Roads to avoid cross-town traffic and stop lights:  Take I470 north to I25 north.  License plate tolling is in effect, and a bill will be sent to the owner of the car.  If you're driving a rental car, make sure you've made arrangements for tolls so that you aren't charged extra by the rental company.  You won't need cash for tolls.

Non-Toll Road route:  Leaving the airport, take Tower Road north to 104th then west on 104th to I25 north.


Go north on I25 to Colorado 66, west on 66 to Lyons, continue west on US36 to Estes Park.

Drivers coming from Denver may choose to take US36 through Boulder to Estes rather than the I25 route above.


Via Shuttle Bus:

Shuttle service is available from SuperShuttle (1-800-258-3826) and from Estes Park Shuttle (970-586-5151).  Both require a reservation, and each has 6 scheduled DIA trips per day, so a bus runs every one to two hours.  Allow 2 hours for the trip.  Approximate cost is $90 round trip.  Going back to the airport, the shuttles pick up at all hotels, starting from the YMCA.

Once you're in Estes Park, free village & park shuttle buses take you around town to restaurants and activities.