Blackhawk, Central City

Blackhawk is a small town on CO Highway 119, and Central City is one mile uphill from Blackhawk. Both were booming mining towns in the hay days of gold and silver mining.


Central City is the location of the Teller House Bar, which is the home of the "face on the barroom floor" of country western music fame. The "face" is a painting of Baby Doe, quite a character in the area's history.


Unfortunately, as with many old mining towns, and even with their rich histories, Blackhawk and Central City were falling behind. A decade ago, tourism was down, and the small towns were going through hard times.


Low stakes gambling was introduced to Blackhawk and Central City and has breathed life back into the towns. Old buildings have been renovated, and new construction has boomed. The towns have experienced a resurgence of visitors — those who enjoy the history of the area and those who play the games. Both, once again, being part of the Blackhawk and Central City historical mystique.