You're on Vacation: What's for Dinner?

Many people share a similar dilemma while on vacation: you don't really want to cook (it is vacation after all!), but eating out in restaurants can be expensive and difficult with a group. Many of us start off our vacations with the best of frugal intentions, and purchase a whole cart of groceries when we get into town, and then we end up tossing a bunch of it in the trash upon check-out. Another challenge vacationers face is the inevitable crowds at restaurants. It can be hard if you are travelling with children, and even adults grow tired of long lines and noisy restaurants.
One Estes Park business woman has come up with an answer! Personal Chef Patsy Walker, owner of Patsy's Cook-In "At Your Place" will plan a menu, purchase the ingredients, and cook a delicious meal right in your vacation condo. If you have special dietary needs, or simply prefer a home cooked meal without the preservative, Patsy will customize the menu to meet your needs. She even does the dishes!
Think a personal chef is a luxury? Patsy responds, "Most people think it is a luxury they can't afford. But once they consider the cost of other dinner options, my service becomes very affordable. Clients tell me they are saving money because they aren't buying take-out and restaurant meals. And they are no longer throwing away groceries purchased with the good intention - but no time - to prepare them. Think about what your precious time in the evening is worth...and what you would do with more of it."
Patsy's Cook-in "At Your Place" had to close - we'll miss them!  

 Patsy's Cook-in