Colorado - Trail Ride in January!

Sandy Point

Most people think of Colorado as snow covered in the winter, but in the Front Range we somtimes have January or February "thaws" where the temperature is in the high 50's or 60's for several days.  That's a perfect time to pull the horses off their winter pastures, dust off their furry coats and go for a trail ride!

This week (January 9th) was one of those "thaws", and a group of natural horsewomen took advantage of the sunshine and warmth to explore a private ranch trail owned by a descendent of Abner Sprague (Sprague Lake is named after him).  We rode to the edge of a ridge south of Carter Lake Reservoir to a spot called "Sandy Point" where a magnificent panorama of Longs Peak, Twin Sisters, and all of Rocky Mountain National Park awaited us.  All the riders would agree - this was Colorado winter trail riding at its best.