Hoar Frost - an Up-close Look at Tiny Wonders in RMNP

Hoar Frost in Winter

Did you know there are different kinds of frost?  Next time you have to clean off your windows on a cold morning, take a minute to look closely - you might be surprised!  One of the most beautiful kinds of frost is called Hoar Frost.  It generally appears after a day of temperatures above freezing, followed by an extremely cold night with mid to high humidity.  The end result is amazing fern-like ice structures covering nearly everything from grass blades to tree limbs.  It's caused by the crystal structure of water and the way it freezes.  If you are brave enough, head out to a watery area after a warmer day and cold night and check out the miniature beauty.  By 9:30 am the hoar frost will usually all be gone, so soak in the tiny magic and then go warm your toes in the car! 

Guest blogger Jared Griscoskie of Yellow Wood Guiding