Oh Deer - November is Mule Deer Time


Mule Deer BuckNovember may not win any popularity contests like the month of July.  It doesn't have roving fans following the elk rut like September.  The glorious autumn gold has pretty much given way to a landscape that more resembles winter.  But in November, the mule deer pick up the "love in the air" where the elk left off the previous month.  When it comes to impressing the ladies, mule deer are no schmucks.  The males grow large, splitting antlers, their necks enlarge, and their coats become nice and thick for the start of winter.  Females don't form large herds, but they stay in small groups throughout the lower portions of Rocky Mountain National Park.  The males roam the hillsides, smelling for females that come into estrus for only about 10 hours.  Usually one female at a time goes into estrus, so finding those girls on time is very important.  Sometimes more than one male shows up to impress a girl.  When this happens a fight or chase is likely to occur.  Visitors to the park this month should keep their eyes peeled for mule deer playing the game of love!

Guest Post by Jared Gricoskie of Yellow Wood Guiding.  To book your own tour of Rocky Mountain National Park, visit Jared's website: YWGuiding.com.