Sometimes it is Pure Luck - Bobcat Sightings in RMNP


Bobcat in the snow

Being out in Rocky Mountain National Park on a nearly daily basis, I find you start to really appreciate how rare some moments can be.  One of those moments - that I get to experience only two or three times a year - is to see a bobcat, especially in the daylight.  Coyotes, bobcats, and even mountain lion juveniles start to disperse in the winter months.  If you are brave enough to head out in the park in the cold, you just might be the lucky enough to experience one of these rare sightings. 

This bobcat crossed in front of me while I was out on a Wildlife Tour.  If was calm and even spent a few moments sitting on top of a large rock, seemingly being polite enough to stick around while I assembled my camera setup.  It went into the bushes and tried to hunt for a while, and then unfortunately some folks pulled up, flung their car doors open and made a lot of noise.  The bobcat was spooked and headed into the woods.

So if you ever find yourself out in RMNP and have the fortune to sight one of these magnificent creatures, please be sure to move slowly and quietly.  Find a legal place to park, and you might just get to spend a few moments with one of the Park's illusive animal residents.

by Jared Gricoskie of Yellow Wood Guiding.  If you are intereste in going on your own Wildlife Tour in Rocky Mountain National Park, visit for more information.