A Day Trip to Grand Lake for Sunday Brunch

We set out from Estes Park to explore Old Fall River Road which meets up with Trail Ridge Road at the Alpine Visitor Center.  Old Fall River Road is a 15 mph one-way (up) gravel road with steep switchbacks and beautiful views – a fun road adventure.

Near the top we saw elk grazing in the high summer meadow.
Elk along Old Fall River Road
The view from the Alpine Visitor Center – or for a real-time look a link to the webcam installed there.
View from Alpine Visitor Center
Heading down the west side of Trail Ridge Road, we stopped for a quick look at Lake Irene, but today, instead of a picnic, we’re headed to a delicious brunch.
The historic Grand Lake Lodge reopened last year.  Their motto is “Colorado’s favorite front porch”.  The view of Grand Lake from the screened dining room balcony is the same as the front porch – amazing!  I would love to sunbathe by that pool!
Grand Lake Lodge
The Sunday brunch is served from 10am to 2pm, plenty of time for a quick tour of downtown Grand Lake before heading home over Trail Ridge Road.
Grand Lake Lodge front porch