Tree Squirrels in Rocky Mountain National Park

tree squirrel

This cute fellow was so intent on nibbling on his nut that he let us get really close to take his picture.

Paddleboarding in the Rockies

The Lake Estes Marina will be offering paddleboard rentals starting mid-June this year for the first time.  It will cost $18/hour for the rental.  They also rent out fishing boats (for 5 passengers), pontoon boats (for 7 or 10 passengers), paddle boats (for 4 passengers), as well as kayaks and canoes.  For more information, you can go to the Estes Valley Recreation & Park District website.




If you've never done paddleboarding before, the local REI shops are offering lessons at Carter Lake in June and July.  Carter Lake is about 30 miles/45 minutes away from Estes Park.  They have two different levels of classes:  Learn to Stand Up Paddleboard and Stand Up Paddleboarding: Beyond the Basics.  The classes are on June 14 and July 19.  Click here for more information and to register in advance.  

REI is also offering classes on hiking, camping, and climbing in several of their locations within 50 miles of Estes Park - Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, or Westminster.  Some of their classes are, for example: How to Climb a 14er, Rocky  Mountain Camping Basics, Gourmet Camp Cooking, and Learn to Rappel.