Rocky Mountain National Park is Waking Up for Spring!

Wyoming Ground Squirrel

Even when "spring" looks a lot like winter, there are some tell-tale signs that warmer weather is on its way.  One such sign happens every April, as many of RMNP's small mammals come out of hibernation.  The Wyoming Ground Squirrel, like you see in the above picture, are generally seen in the first week of April.  When they emerge it is the first time they've seen the sun in nearly seven months!  These amazing creatures eat meadow grass in the park, and play an important role in the ecosystem.  Each family of Wyoming Ground Squirrels creates a burrow system that includes a restroom chamber.  Since they mostly eat grass and seeds, some of these seeds do not get digested and are "planted" in the chamber.  Wyoming Ground Squirrels are cute and fuzzy, and because they hibernate more than 50% of their lives, are not the smartest animals.  This works out well for predators in the park, making them easy summer time prey. 

Come to Rocky Mountain National Park this spring to join the Wyoming Ground Squirrels as they wake up from their long winter slumber!   

by Jared Gricoskie of Yellow Wood Guiding

It's Time You Stopped!

Rock n' River Cabins on the Pond

A recent visitor to the Rock n’ River Resort said, “I’ve been driving past your covered, wooden bridge on Hwy 36 for years, but never stopped in.  I’m so glad I know this is here!”

Tucked into a canyon of shady cottonwood trees and the rushing sounds of the St Vrain River, Rock n’ River Resort is an ideal spot to get away from it all!  Located just 3.5 miles west of Lyons on the way up to Rocky Mountain National Park and the town of Estes Park, Rock n’ River Resort is a convenient drive for folks coming from the Front Range.  With 18 acres to explore, stocked trout ponds, a winery, and spa on site, you won’t want to leave!  But if you want to explore, just a short drive away you’ll discover the many outdoor delights and activities of spectacular Rocky Mountain National Park. 

Guests will enjoy the comfortable amenities of an authentic, yet updated western style resort.  Accommodating up to 50 guests, the resort would be the perfect spot to host an intimate wedding or a family reunion.  Imagine the joy of watching a young guest catching their first fish, while nearby adults enjoy a sampling of onsite Ciatano Winery’s delightful wines, cheese, and smoked trout, as everyone takes in the stunning views of the canyon. 

After a day of hiking, you can pamper yourself to one of the variety of treatments offered at La Bellezza Day Spa, or turn-in for a quiet evening in your comfortable king sized bed.  All rooms are furnished with king sized beds, a convenient kitchen, and a stylish bathroom, and they even have a few family suites if you want to bring the kids.   We can’t wait to go!

If you want more information on booking a stay at Rock n’ Resort, visit their website here .  And for great planning tips on how to enjoy nearby Rocky Mountain National Park, be sure to visit