November Loving - Best Time for Viewing Big Horn Sheep

Big Horn Ram and Lichen

Mid to late November is the prime time for watching the big horn sheep and mule deer rut.  At the start of the rut, you may see groups of four or five rams sparring with each other.  This is the best time of the year to see the biggest rams in Rocky Mountain National Park and the surrounding area.  Once the females become receptive to their advances, you may get the awesome chance to see two rams fighting.  Domincance fights can last anywhere from a few seconds to a few hours, with the sound of horns clashing heard for up to a mile away! 

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Guest post by our resident guide and wildlife expert, Jared Griscoskie of Yellow Wood Guiding

Status of Fern Lake Fire as of Oct 11, 2012

The National Park Service has sent out an update on the Fern Lake Fire:

  • The wildfire has grown to 660 acres according to fire officials, and remains uncontained as of noon today.
  • Changes in the fire's behavior today have been minimal.
  • More than 90 personnel, seven fire engines, and two heavy helitankers are focusing today on containing the fire inside park boundaries north of Glacier Creek, west of Hollowell Park, and south of Trail Ridge Road. 
  • Currently, Bear Lake Road, Upper Beaver Meadows Road, and Moraine Park Campground are closed.
  • All park trails accessed from Bear Lake Road and Highway 66 have been closed, as are trails south of Trail Ridge Road (including the Ute Trail).
  • Trail Ridge Road remains open.
  • No open fires or smoking are permitted in the park. 
  • A cold front is expected to pass through the area of the fire today, and there is a chance of precipitation on Friday, October 12. 

Information about the fire will be updated at, and on the park's website at and by dialing 970-586-1391.