Don't be a Slouch in the New Year!

As the New Year rolls in, humans aren’t the only creatures getting used to the changes winter brings. The animals of Rocky Mountain National coyote in snowPark are experiencing winter in full swing, and the new crop of coyote pups are no exception. In areas like Rocky Mountain National Park where hunting is not permitted, coyotes often form long relationships, producing pups with the same mate year after year. Each year, some of these lucky pups are granted the privilege of living in their parents’ territory and helping to raise the next litter of pups. These select coyotes learn how to raise pups, share food, and some of the female yearlings may even nurse the new pups. The yearlings that are not selected to stay, head off to find a mate and a new location to call home – often miles from their parents’ home range. Perhaps all too similar to the human parents’ plight, there are a small number of coyote yearlings who don’t venture off to forge their own family or help mom and dad out, while still living in their parents’ home range. These coyotes are called slouches.

So don’t be a slouch – make the New Year the best it can be by visiting your Rocky Mountain National Park! To plan your trip, go to for all your lodging needs. You can find a wealth of information on RMNP at

Guest Blogger: Jared Gricoskie from Yellow Wood Guiding

Winter Trails Day - A Perfect Way to Explore RMNP by Snowshoe!

Most of you know the trails in Rocky Mountain National Park are beautiful in the summer and fall, but how many of you have experienced the enveloping peace of our favorite mountain trails when they are blanketed in snow? I often tell my children that I feel like the richest woman in the world when I'm standing in fresh snow with the sun shining - it's like I'm standing on millions of diamonds! It's moments like this - breathing the crisp air, experiencing the world in such a pure way that I feel most alive.

For the past 16 years, Estes Park has hosted the annual Winter Trails Day. This year, Winter Trails Day is on January 15 from 11 am to 3 pm. With sponsors like REI and the National Winter Trails Organization, participants will have the opportunity to learn all the ins and outs of snowshoeing. They'll have free snowshoe demonstrations, guided hikes and snow acitivites, outdoor gear displays, free giveaways, and once they feel sure footed they can head into Rocky Mountain National Park to explore the magnificent winter beauty!

Winter Trails Day also coincides with the Winter Festival in Estes Park(Jan. 14-17), an event-packed weekend that celebrates everything winter in Estes Park. From wine tastings and chili cook-offs to an interactive ice castle and carriage rides, there is something for every age. So if you want make the most of the long weekend (Martin Luther King weekend), consider staying in Estes Park - head outside, enjoy the festivities, and unwind! Visit to find out about our winter specials and snowshoe packages.