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5 Things you Probably Don't Know about Elk!

bull elk spar velvet just off

Is it Sparring or a Fight?

Summer Elk

This fellow is in fine form with a beautiful coat and a fat belly - in shape for the fall rutting season.
summer elk

elk at Castle Mountain Lodge

Photo taken on the grounds of Castle Mountain Lodge on Fall River.

Yes, Elk Loose Their Antlers Every Year

bull elk with new antlers

Life is Hard When You're a Baby Elk - New Life in RMNP

Early June is when most of the babies of RMNP arrive. After birth the elk calf spends most of its time hiding in grass or near bushes and followingelk baby kiss it's mother as she grazes. Nature is momentarily kind during the elks' first week of life - the baby doesn't produce a scent for nearly a week to help allude predators.