Estes Park History

The Shining Hotel

The Shining Hotel

Forget Casper; the real friendly ghosts live in The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park. Perched majestically beside the mountains since 1909 the hotel has a long, haunted history. Besides inspiring the setting of Stephen King’s novel and consequent blockbuster, The Shining, the hotel has had rumored ghost stories of its own for over a century.

Rocky Mountain National Park Debuts Centennial Logo

Volunteer for BioBlitz in RMNP

Rocky Mountain National Park and National Geographic are looking for volunteers to assist with a very special event.  The BioBlitz will be held Friday, August 24, and Saturday, August 25, 2012, in Estes Park, Colorado.
Part scientific endeavor, part festival, and part outdoor classroom, the goals of the BioBlitz are to explore, discover, and document the living creatures in Rocky Mountain National Park; provide scientists and the public an opportunity to do field work together; and to better understand how to protect the natural environment in the future.

The Park isn't Burning Down

Smokey Sunrise over Sprague Lake

Estes Park Book Review - Autumn Armchair Adventure!

I recently finished reading A Lady's Life in the Rocky Mountains by Isabella Bird.  It is a firsthand account of a middle-aged English lady traveling alone by horseback in the autumn and winter of 1873.  Widely travelled, she found Estes Park "surely one of the most entrancing spots on earth" and "no region for tourists or women" -- how things have changed!  She made her way to the top of Longs Peak (only 5 years after it had first been climbed) wit