Top 10 Winter Hikes in Rocky Mountain National Park

Winter brings deep snows to Rocky Mountain National Park west of the Continental Divide, so you’ll find great snowmobiling and cross country skiing near Grand Lake.  But the lighter snowfall on the east (Estes Park) side of the park often leaves low elevation trails open for hiking. Trails below 8,700 feet (2,700 m) make great winter hikes, sometimes without the aid of skis or snow shoes.

A Dose of the Outdoors - Rx for the Body and Soul!

Health Care has certainly been in the news and on our minds over the past few years. With more time, money and energy spent on stayingfamily hiking healthy, insurance companies are looking for new ways to cut their bottom line. Studies have shown that maintaining health is much less expensive than fixing health woes once they occur, so many insurance companies are looking for ways to encourage a healthy, active lifestyle.