Family Winter Mountaineering Weekend

If you love winter and the mountains and want to introduce your family to some of your favorite winter activities while you have fun too, this weekend is for you!
YMCA of the Rockies will hold its 3rd annual Family Winter Mountaineering and Backcountry Weekend on March 1-4, 2018.

A Winter Family Adventure in Rocky Mountain National Park

Family at Sprague Lake in RMNP

Top 5 Winter Activities in Estes Park & Rocky Mountain National Park

Winter Snowshoe

Sometimes it is Pure Luck - Bobcat Sightings in RMNP


Bobcat in the snow

Colorado - Trail Ride in January!

Sandy Point

Most people think of Colorado as snow covered in the winter, but in the Front Range we somtimes have January or February "thaws" where the temperature is in the high 50's or 60's for several days.  That's a perfect time to pull the horses off their winter pastures, dust off their furry coats and go for a trail ride!

Winter Hiking in RMNP: Snowshoes and Ice Patterns

Snowshoe Bear Lake

Winter Walk at Sprague Lake

Sprague Lake is the perfect place to go for a quick winter hike - easy to drive to, easy parking, spectacular views, and a flat trail.  Great for your first snowshoeing adventure.  Nature made beautiful patterns in the ice and snow, and the late afternoon sun shining through the forest cast low shadows on the Winter Solstice.

Sprague Lake Winter View

Holiday Lights - RMNP Style

Longs Peak Sunset

Close your eyes.  Picture Estes Park in December.  Vistas blanketed in white snow, right?  Most people have that picture in mind when they think of December in Rocky Mountain National Park, however most years they'd be wrong.  

Totally Unique CO Winter Adventure

Perhaps you have grown tired of the long lines at ski resorts or the weekend traffic on I-70, or you are the type of person who seeks adventure – either way, I’ve got a suggestion that is sure to shake your winter blues!  Estes Park Outfitters is now offering a totally unique Colorado mountain adventure: Private High-Country Snow Cat Tours.

Estes Park Winter Festival & Winter Trails Day - a Great Way to Experience the Fun of Winter in the Mountains!

For the past 3 years, the town of Estes Park has hosted the Estes Park Winter Festival over the Martin Luther King, Jr weekend.  It has grown into a really fun celebration of what makes Estes Park great: great food, music, & art, family friendly activities, together with stunning mountain vistas.  We love the way it draws people from all walks of life into the fresh mountain air.  Here are some photos we took yesterday:Folks enjoying the chilic cook-o</p>  </div>

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