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Relax, recharge, and rejuvenate. The Estes Valley offers an experience rich in natural wonders and modern comforts. Leave your cell phone in the glove compartment and allow the breathtaking vistas to sooth your soul.  Pair a day spa with lodging of your choice, or choose a lodge/spa combo.  More...

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The Ultimate Wine Down & Rejuvenate: This fabulous romance package offers a couple the following: Two 60-minute Swedish massages w/hot rocks, European Spa, Facial & Gentleman's De-Stressing; Spa Pedicures; Jacuzzi Soak; Light Lunch & Bottle of Wine or Champagne; includes gratuities.  $689 per couple - See our website for many packages to choose from.  Wildwood Inn Details

Above the ordinary amenities at affordable rates
2801 Fall River Rd.
Estes Park
40.400759 -105.574184

Make your getaway to Estes Park a truly relaxing holiday! We proudly offer: Couples' Massage, Deep Tissue & Therapeutic Massage, Ashiatsu Massage, Hot River Rock Massage, Manicures, Pedicures, Facials, Waxing, Body Treatments, Sauna, Bridal Services (Hair, Makeup, for the Flower Girl) and much more!  Book your wedding hair & nail services at Riverspointe Spa - Let us pamper & relax you on your big day!

Located on the Riverwalk
121 Wiest Dr.
Estes Park
40.3754604 -105.5245103

Simply Nature

In Estes Park, nature is resplendent in the golden, ruffled coats of the elk as they forage near the rivers, streams and golf courses. Park the car and walk off the roadway into the quiet woods where the sunlight breaks into a kaleidoscope of shapes on the ground. Sit on the deck of a timber frame lodge and listen to the rain as it washes the scent of pine into the air.


At nightfall, the trees turn to sapphire blankets that snuggle against the mountains. If you should wake in the middle of the night, go to the window of your room or cabin and look out at the peaks. If there is moonlight, you will see the snow on the summits, pale and pearl-like. I guarantee you, the sight will fix whatever is ailing you! There’s no doubt about it. The wealth of beautiful, natural surroundings in Estes Park can help you find a “calm from the storm” of your everyday life.


Rustic Luxury

As for modern comforts, Estes Park is flush with them! You can nurture yourself by checking into a hotel that has down-filled duvets on the beds and espresso in the lobby. Choose a cabin-with-fireplace and enjoy the spicy smell of a blaze as you simmer your own spaghetti sauce on the stove in your nearby kitchenette.

At dusk, take the kids for a drive into the park to hear the elk bugle or the coyotes howl. Their piercing, distinctive calls send pleasant jolts through your body. It's like your senses are being jump-started somehow! Afterwards, when the kids are zoned-out in their bunk beds, settle into a spa and feel the kinks ease out of your shoulders. Close your eyes and listen to the stillness.


Food that Nourishes - Body & Soul

In Estes Park, restaurants abound, and some in the most lovely spots. Old homesteads and lodges have been restored and turned into eateries. You can sit on a screened porch overlooking a quaking aspen grove and dine on almond-encrusted trout and homemade bread. You can find establishments in the valley whose tables glow with candlelight and are adorned with spotlessly white tablecloths. If you prefer a simpler setting, elbow up to the table in one of several steakhouses and enjoy a grilled ribeye. In the morning, venture downtown early for a newspaper and a steaming cup of coffee. Ask the locals where the best doughnuts in town are!


Invigorate Yourself

If you prefer, rejuvenate by going to a fitness center for a high-altitude workout! Afterwards, make an appointment for a massage at an Estes Park spa. Plan a bike ride into the national forest or park or try a hike, where the only sound you'll hear is the crunch of the trail under your shoes. Perhaps you'll see the pointed wings and rapid wing beats of a Peregrine Falcon overhead or the scolding of a chickaree from a tree.


At any rate, you'll begin to remember what your wise grandmother or grandfather may have told you—to take time from doing to enjoy being. Rediscover who you are… in Estes Park.


These lodges can help you unwind:

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