Colorado Weather | Estes Park Weather & Seasons

Check our Web Cams to see the current Colorado weather conditions and read the temperatures, humidity and barometric pressure.


Weather conditions differ around our mountain valleys and peaks. Temperatures often vary by 10 degrees or more from one part of the Estes valley to another. When it's snowing at one spot, it can be clear and sunny two miles away. Compare the web cams and see the differences. A new picture is uploaded every 15 minutes and the changes from one picture to the next can show our high variance.


  • Summer in Estes is just about perfect weather. Native Americans summered in this valley 10,000 years ago to enjoy the mild weather and abundant wildlife. See the summer page for more info.
  • Fall brings clear blue skies and crisp air punctuated with occasional snows, bugling elk and bighorn sheep butting contests. Aspen here start turning in late August. The peak of the gold rush runs from mid-September into early October. Daylight and elevation set the timing of the color season. Rain, snow, cold and wind affect the intensity of color. The fall page has more specifics.
  • Winter storms come from the west but the high mountains of Rocky Mountain National Park protect the Estes valley and make our winters relatively mild. In fact, we average over 300 sunny days every year. See the winter page.
  • Spring brings mild temperatures, fluffy white snows and showers to feed the wildflowers. This is also the time when bull elk and buck deer drop their antlers and spotted fawns and calves are hidden in the new green foliage. See the spring page.

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