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Summer Road Work in RMNP

Summer road work happens everywhere!  And in Rocky Mountain National Park at the height of the busiest visitor season, you might think it could be avoided.  Sorry – NO!  Not in 2019.

Since Rocky Mountain National Park is high in elevation with a low average temperature, this work must take place during summer. The Good News:  work is not scheduled to take place during weekends or holidays.

If you’re aware of the planned schedule of shutdowns, you can avoid some of the hassle.  So here’s the information you’ll need:

Bear Lake Corridor

Since 2016, park staff have restricted vehicle access in the Bear Lake Road corridor when parking areas filled and heavy congestion warranted. Beginning Monday, July 22, visitors planning to hike in the Bear Lake corridor should plan for vehicle restrictions to occur earlier in the morning.

Parking will be more limited than usual.   Park visitors are encouraged to board the Hiker Shuttle. This shuttle runs every 30 minutes from the Estes Park Visitor Center to the Park & Ride on Bear Lake Road. Expect wait times to board the shuttles.

Park & Ride

Beginning Monday, July 22, staging for the resurfacing project will take place in Park & Ride. The staging area will fill approximately 100 parking spaces, making these unavailable to the public until the fall.

Other Areas

Other areas will also be affected throughout the summer. Park visitors can expect rolling delays of up to 20 minutes during road work. Specific work dates will be announced by the Park once they are scheduled, so check the Park website alerts.

Areas to be affected include:

Bear Lake Road
Lumpy Ridge Access Road
Sections of Trail Ridge Road
Alluvial Fan Parking Lot
Beaver Meadows Visitor Center Parking Lot
Forest Canyon Overlook Parking Area
Horseshoe Park Overlook
Lava Cliffs Parking Area
Lawn Lake Parking Lot
Many Parks Curve Parking Areas
Rainbow Curve Parking Area
Rock Cut Parking Area
Sheep Lakes Parking Lot
Numerous smaller parking areas and overlooks

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