Spring ponds


Spring brings mild temperatures, fluffy white snows and showers to feed the wildflowers. Runoff fills the rivers, bull elk and buck deer drop their antlers, spotted fawns and calves are hidden in the new green foliage and bighorn sheep graze right along the roadsides. Renewal time!

Spring vacationers in March enjoy downhill skiing, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, horseback riding, hiking. It's a beautiful time of the year — our biggest snows and mild winter temperatures make outdoor advertures particularly invigorating.


spring Runoff


Check on the spring events and festivals held in Estes Park and the Spring Lodging Specials at this wonderful time of the year.


               Avg High         Avg Low     Avg Precipitation

March         44.3°F             22.6°F              1.46"
51.1°F             27.7°F               2.35"
59.5°F             35.6°F               2.48"
June           73.2°F             44.5°F               1.47" 

These averages are from the Colorado Climate Center over a period from 2001 to 2015. What the averages don't reveal is the variance.

High variance is the only constant about our weather. There is not a single month of the year which is historically snow-free. On the other hand, there is not a single month in which we do not have picnic lunches outdoors in the warm sun.

What to wear at this time of year? Layers, layers, layers. March and April are our biggest snow months. Not the cold winter snows but the big, wet spring snow. Sunny days, you could be in shirt sleeves, sweatshirt or jacket. Snow boots could come in handy, especially in March and April. A warm coat will be good for evenings. Rain gear or a simple poncho will help you enjoy afternoon showers in May and June.