Summer in Estes Park is practically perfect. That's why native Americans summered here 10,000 years ago. Favorite visitor activities include hiking, going for a stroll, taking scenic drives, fishing, going for horseback rides, river rafting, kayaking, golfing, birding, wildlife watching, taking nature classes, family amusements, shopping and fine dining.  

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Greenery flowing stream


These averages don't reveal the high variance. It can snow in town any summer month, but it won't last long. Outdoor swimming pools must be heated to offset the nighttime cool-down. Temperatures at higher elevations in Rocky Mountain National Park are colder; come prepared to dress in layers. 

         Avg Highs       Avg Lows       Avg Precipitation

June       73.2°F            44.5°F                1.47"
July        79.4°F            50.4°F                2.96"
Aug        76.6°F            48.1°F                1.73"

These averages are from the Colorado Climate Center over a period from 2001 to 2015. High variance is the only constant about our weather. There is not a single month of the year which is historically snow-free. On the other hand, there is not a single month in which we do not have picnic lunches on sunny decks.


What to wear at this time of year? Layers, layers, layers. Sunny days, you'll be in short sleeve shirts. Mornings and evenings outdoors, you'll add a sweatshirt or light jacket. For trips into the National Park forget the sandals, take a sweatshirt, jacket, windbreaker. A cap and sunglasses are good too.