Don't be a Slouch in the New Year!

As the New Year rolls in, humans aren’t the only creatures getting used to the changes winter brings. The animals of Rocky Mountain National coyote in snowPark are experiencing winter in full swing, and the new crop of coyote pups are no exception. In areas like Rocky Mountain National Park where hunting is not permitted, coyotes often form long relationships, producing pups with the same mate year after year.

For all you Lovers of the Wild!

A friend and fellow L.O.T.W.

This is Surely the Year for Bears!

A friend called me to get the phone number for the Wildlife Officer who deals with bears.  I went to their home down in the Highway 34 canyon on the way to Loveland.  A bear had tipped over a birdseed container they had chained to the tree and he was feasting.  I got there just as the Wildlife Officer fired a shot of rubber pellets from her shotgun.  The bear, very black and bigger than the bears we have right in Estes Park, took off running and she fired a