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Sunshine Mountain Family Group

Photo Credit: Sunshine Mountain Lodge

Estes Park Family Reunion

Let’s meet in Estes!  Estes Park is a popular site for family and group gatherings because there’s something here for everyone. Looking for wilderness adventure, peaceful surroundings, or activities for your children?  You’ll find it in Estes Park!

Insider Tip:

Large reunions planned for the summer should be booked a year or more in advance.

Small summer reunions or spring, fall, and winter gatherings can be accommodated with much shorter lead times.

See the bottom of this page for 11 more tips for hosting a reunion

Estes Park Lodging that caters to groups:

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11 Tips for Hosting a Family Reunion in Estes

Why have a family reunion in Estes Park? The most obvious reason is to spend time with each other doing activities everyone can enjoy!  Let your kids hear stories first hand from their grandparents and other relatives.  Honor the memory of those who have passed on before you.  Spend quality, un-rushed time adventuring in a natural setting. Here are 11 tips for planning a reunion in Estes Park:

  1. Decide who will be the reunion planner(s) to handle organization details and get the ball rolling.
  2. Compile a list of family members and their contact info.
  3. Email a survey to family members for their opinions and ideas.S
  4. Select a date, duration, and theme for the reunion.
  5. Set up a reunion Facebook group and communicate often.
  6. Brainstorm activities, entertainment, and food
  7. Book lodging (see listings above), get-together venues, and catering well in advance.
  8. Put together slideshows, memory albums, or fun mementos to hand out.  Assign any decorations.
  9. Set up contingency plans in case of weather.
  10. Prepare a schedule to hand out with details and activity options.
  11. Send out thank you notes and a follow-up letter with photos afterwards.