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Photo Credit: Jared Gricoskie


Come have fun geocaching as a family or with friends, exploring Rocky Mountain National Park as well as the mountain towns of Estes Park and Grand Lake with the Across the Divide GeoTour which takes you to an altitude of over 12,000′!

Pick up a GeoAdventure Passport Map & Guide to Geocaching directly from either the Estes Park Visitor Center or the Grand Lake Visitor Center and start your exploring!

There will be 49 geocaches to find.

There will be traditional caches found outside of Rocky Mountain National Park, as well as the Earth Caches (with no containers) and Virtual caches found in the park.

As there is a “Leave No Trace” policy, for the virtual caches you will be asked to take a photograph, answer questions, or solve a puzzle to prove that you found the cache and the Earth Cache will teach you some lessons about the formation of that place, why it is important scientifically, or what the site can tell you about our planet.

Download the free Geocaching app to get started!

Come on over to Rocky Mountain National Park and start geocaching today!