Top 5 Winter Activities in Estes Park & Rocky Mountain National Park

Winter Snowshoe

Though the winter season clearly requires more clothing and planning for weather logistics, it really is an ideal time to visit Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park!  One of the best things about the winter season is the unparalled peace you can find in nature while the earth is blanketed in snow.  And because many people are intimidated by going out in colder weather, you will not have to deal with the crowds that the summer season brings to the park.  People "in the know" understand that with extra layers of winter clothing you can be quite comfortable even in below freezing temperatures.  Imagine spending the day in the park and coming back to a cozy lodge with a fireplace and hot tub (try our Feature Finder to find a place with both)! 

Here are our top 5 favorite winter activities around Estes Park:

1.  Take a Winter Ecology Walk led by a park ranger.  Anyone 8 and older can do it, and you will love the views and all that you learn! 

2.  If you can walk, you can snowshoe! Renting snowshoes is very affordable, and there are several places in town that can help you.  Here's one we recommend.

3.  Want a real adventure, but don't want to do all the planning? This Inn to Inn Snowshoe tour will take you on an outdoor adventure of a lifetime, with 2 days of guided snowshoeing, 3 fun and very different lodges, and the very best in fine dining and relaxation! 

4.  Do a Winter Field Seminar with the Rocky Mountain Nature Association.  You can learn about sub-alpine ecology on cross country skis, learn to take better winter photos that optimize the lighting and snow, take a beginning water color class, or learn all about coyotes "The Song Dogs of the West" to name a few! 

5.  Full Moon Walks are another great outdoor activity in winter that the whole family can enjoy.  Join a Ranger to explore the Park under the light of the full moon on Nov. 17, Dec. 17, Jan. 15, Feb. 14, and Mar. 16.  Reservations are necessary  - call (970) 586-1223 to reserve a spot. 

Come join us for winter fun!