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Photo Credit: © 2019 James Frank

Halloween – A Spooky Time in Estes Park

Houses in the Estes area are spread out on mountainsides and valleys.  Since 1981 or 1982 on Halloween night the main street through town (Elkhorn Avenue) is closed from 5-9 pm and kids, adults and pets gather to trick or treat at the shops.

The whole community contributes candy for the shops to hand out to trick or treaters.  Safe for the kids and great fun for all!

This event was created by Moses Street, a former Estes Park resident, to help bring more people to Estes Park at a time of year when there weren’t as many visitors.   Come on out for a fun and spooky Halloween in downtown Estes Park – and make it a fun-filled family weekend taking advantage of one of the Current Lodging Specials!

a place frequented by a person or group

A Haunted Hotel ?

Estes Park’s Stanley Hotel inspired Stephen King to write his famous novel, “The Shining,” and is one of the top ten haunted hotels in the United States.

Historic Haunts

Native Americans travelled, hunted and climbed in pre-historic time:

  • Trail Ridge, Ute Trail (9000 BCE)
  • Game Drive Walls & Camps (3500 BCE)

The spirits of these original visitors are with us today!

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