Hikes on Google Trekker

Bear Lake via Google Trekker

The trails listed below have been added to Google Maps as Trekker views.  Move the yellow man symbol along the blue trail line to see the view from that point on the trail - a great way to preview your hikes!

Trails in Estes Park:

Lake Estes Trail

Estes Park Riverwalk

Knoll Willows Trail (between Wonderview Ave, MacGregor Ave, Bond Park)


Trails in RMNP:  Provides links and more specific trail information like length of hike, elevation gain, location of trailhead, etc...

Sprague Lake Trail

Bear Lake Loop Trail

Lily Lake Trail

Deer Mountain Trail

Forest Canyon Overlook

Tundra Communities Trail - Roger Toll Memorial Trail


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RockyMountainNationalPark.com  is a comprehensive guide to the Park, and lets you explore this gem of our National Parks and get to know it before you come!         Website contents listed below...

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What you will find at RockyMountainNationalPark.com:

Trail Guide
Get to know the major hiking destinations in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado. Photos, trail data, maps, and trail 3D views are provided so you can plan your next hike. 

Things To Do
Top 50 activities for Adventure, Scenery, Family Fun, Learning, and Escape.  Explore YOUR Rocky and all the varied activities offered in and around Rocky Mountain National Park.

Scenic Drives 
RMNP features some of the most spectacular scenic drives in the Rockies.

What you might see when you visit Rocky, including a wildlife calendar and tips for best places and times to view animals.

Get oriented to Rocky Mountain National Park and the adjoining Roosevelt National Forest, Arapaho National Forest, and Colorado State Forest.

Video and Picture Galleries
Watch professionally produced short HD videos - a Park overview, adventure activities, and Festivals in town.  Browse our collection of images from nature photographers Jim Osterberg, Michael Hodges, and Robert Koropp.

Climate & Weather
What to expect when you visit Rocky, featuring links to current conditions, forecasts, and history.

A complete guide to car-camping and backpacking in Rocky — including maps, photos, and backcountry site descriptions.

What to catch in Rocky. Where to catch it. What you need to know before you cast your line.

A brief look at classic climbs in Rocky, presented by the Colorado Mountain School.

Phone, email, or mail the National Park Service or the adjoining National Forests.