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Elk Along Trail Ridge Road in July

You'll see wildlife everywhere you look in Estes Park, and especially during Fall & Winter!  These elk were resting in their summer pasture right next to Trail Ridge Road!

Wildlife watching in Estes doesn't entail a trip into the backcountry — view Elk and Bighorn Sheep as you drive through town!  The golf course is a favorite spot for a grass snack.

During the Fall Elk Rut majestic bull elk challenge each other for breeding rights to the females.  Their bugling call echoes across meadows - it's a haunting and primeval sound.

For more pictures and information, see the pages on elk bugling and bighorn sheep.

Wildlife of Rocky Mountain National Park.  

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Wildlife watching in Rocky Mountain National Park is beautifully documented on the Wildlife Watching page of RockyMountainNationalPark.com. Local photographer Jim Osterberg contributed wonderful images. .