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Photo Credit: © 2019 James Frank

Google Trekker Hikes

Take a virtual hike with Trekker!

The trails listed below show up in Google Maps as Trekker 3D views.

Select the trail you want, then use your cursor to move the yellow man symbol along the blue trail line to see the view from that point on the trail – a great way to preview your hikes!


Trails in Estes Park:

Lake Estes Trail

Estes Park Riverwalk

Knoll Willows Trail (between Wonderview Ave, MacGregor Ave, Bond Park)

Trails in RMNP:

Sprague Lake Trail

Bear Lake Loop Trail

Lily Lake Trail

Deer Mountain Trail

Forest Canyon Overlook

Tundra Communities Trail – Roger Toll Memorial Trail

RMNP logo

Click on the logo above to locate Park trails by region of the Park or type of hike.  Includes trail information – length of hike, elevation gain, location of trailhead, etc…

All the Rocky Mountain National Park trails are listed.  Find a fun trail and go hike!

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