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Full Moon Walks

Winter Full Moon Night Walk

For an unforgettable winter experience, join Rocky Mountain National Park rangers for a Full Moon Walk on the night of the full moon in winter months.  The next full moons are on  Jan. 20-21, 2019,  Feb. 19, 2019,  and Mar. 20, 2019, and are visible a day before and a day after.

Although the January Full Moon Walk is on Sat. Jan 19, try to get out again on Sunday if you can.

The January 20 full moon will be truly unique because it is a supermoon, blood moon lunar eclipse, wolf moon all at once!  Supermoon means it’s very close to earth, and blood moon refers to the reddish color caused by the lunar eclipse.

You’ll go out with a ranger in a small group (maximum 6 people per reservation) for about one and a half hours, leaving Beaver Meadows around 5 pm.  Depending on weather conditions and snow depths, it may be a hike, or it may be on snowshoes.  You’ll bring a flashlight, poles, and snowshoes just to be ready.

If you’re staying in a local lodge, ask if they provide snowshoes to check out – many do.  Also Estes Park Mountain Shop on Hwy 34 at the entrance to Estes Park, and The Warming House on Hwy 66 on the way to Beaver Meadows have snowshoes and poles for rent.

When you reserve your lodging, look for a property with an outdoor hot tub — it will feel so good and relaxing to come home to a hot soak!

Reservations open 1 week in advance of the full moon date, and are limited to 6 people per reservation.  At the time of reserving a spot, you’ll be given instructions.    Call 970-586-1223 between 9am – 4pm to reserve a spot.

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