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Ranger McIntyre Murder Mysteries

Murder Mystery Series Based in Rocky Mountain National Park

Join Ranger McIntyre, RMNP, nature-loving fisherman and WWI vet, as he solves mysterious puzzles that pop up in the Park in this Estes Park based Murder Mystery Series by local Colorado author James C. Work.

Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park in the 1920’s are full of mysteries.  The Park is new and adventurous.  Americans are hitting the road to visit the natural wonders they’ve heard about.  Prohibition is in full swing.  What could go wrong in the Park?

If you are looking for a fun, leisure read on your next trip to Estes Park, or a thank you gift for the mystery lover who is feeding your pets while you’re on vacation in Colorado, here is a suggestion for you.

Head over to Macdonald Book Shop on Elkhorn Ave or the YMCA General Store and pick up one of the first four books in the series:  “Unmentionable Murders”,  “Small Delightful Murders”,  “The Dunraven Hoard Murders”, or “The Stones of Peril”  by James C. Work of Fort Collins, CO.  Also available in hardbound and Kindle eBook form on

AND Coming Soon . . . Ranger McIntyre and the Case of the Missing Bierstadt, the 5rd book in the mystery series Ranger Tim McIntyre, RMNP.

Dunraven Hoard Murder Mystery

Thanks to the Steven King novel, nearly everyone now knows about the Stanley Hotel ghost. But how many have heard the horror story of The Blue Mist, or the strange murder of Mountain Jim Nugent, or “Pop” Smith’s yet-to-be-found whiskey still? Or the hoard of valuables said to have been buried by Lord Dunraven in the 1880s?

Longtime natives of Estes Park know not to venture into the upper reaches of the Fall River valley when the mist lies thick among the trees. Out by Lily Lake, on a clear night when there’s a full moon and no breeze, a night walker might catch the phantom odor of boiling mash. And treasure hunters still dream of finding the site of the English Hotel and Lord Dunraven’s hunting lodge and the buried stash of silverware, china and statuary.

Most recent in the series is Stones of Peril, in which the peril takes place on Flattop Mountain, and out soon is The Case of the Missing Bierstadt, in which there may or may not be a valuable painting by a famed artist somewhere in the village and it may or may not be stolen. Oh, and our glamorous heroine may, or may not, begin her own detective agency.


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