Why can't I find a place for just one night in Estes Park?

Elk at Castle Mountain Lodge

We see lots of Lodging Availability Request Forms for visitors looking for a one night stay in Estes Park during summer.  Frustrated to find that most lodges have a 3 night minimum stay during high season (summer & early fall), what options do visitors have?  Here are some ideas:

  • If your dates can be flexible, call and offer to "fill the gaps".  Online reservations may not be able to accomodate this, but a front desk manager can.
  • Call some of the larger properties.  More rooms to fill mean more opportunities for last minute openings.
  • Consider Front Range hotels in Fort Collins or Loveland that are about an hour drive away from Estes Park.
  • Don't give up - even a short visit to Rocky Mountain National Park is worth it for the wildlife and scenery!