When do Elk Shed their Antlers?

Elk Antlers Shed

Around mid to late winter elk antlers fall off naturally and start regrowing for the elk's next Fall Rut display.  Sometime in March to April is prime time for finding one of these trophy prizes!

Tips for locating elk antlers: watch the big bull elks from afar, and use a spotting scope to scan a large area.  If you keep your distance, you can prevent undue stress to these animals who have struggled to survive winter.  If you do find an antler, keep looking for it's match - they often are found near each other.  And always leave antlers where you find them inside Rocky Mountain National Park for other visitors to admire.  "Shed" collecting is a popular past time in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

2nd Annual Family Winter Mountaineering & Backcountry Weekend

YMCA of the Rockies is hosting their 2nd Annual Family Winter Mountaineering and Backcountry Weekend.


YMCA of the Rockies Mountaineering Weekend


Let nature inspire your family fitness from March 3-5! YMCA of the Rockies is the perfect place to mountaineer with your family into Rocky Mountain National Park. Take part in family snowshoe hikes, backcountry ski meet ups, outdoor winter survival trainings, winter ecology hikes, and much more. Learn from guest speakers and adults and children alike can play in the Activity Hall! 

A keynote address will be given on Saturday evening by The Courvreux family from "A Climbing Party of Four." 

Check out the whole schedule

The YMCA of the Rockies is proud to partner with the Estes Park Mountain Shop and Kent Mountain Adventure Center to provide quality programing for this fun and informative weekend. All listed activities, with the exception of select excursions are free for guests staying in lodge rooms or cabins. For guests staying in off-grounds accommodations and members of the Estes Park community are welcome to purchase day passes for $20/person ages 13 and up to participate in the weekend events. For more information visit or call 970-583-3341.