Halloween in Estes Park

For the last 30-some years Estes Park has hosted a downtown trick or treating event for the kids to be able to have a safe and fun environment to go trick or treating.  Many of the local businesses in the downtown area along Elkhorn Avenue stay open until 9:00 pm and trick or treating begins at 5:00 pm.  

Halloween Jack-o-Lantern

This event was created by Moses Street, a former Estes Park resident, back in either 1981 or 1982 to help bring more people to Estes Park at a time of year when there weren't as many visitors.  Residents and local businesses contribute candy at the local drop-off points at Safeway and the Estes Park Visitor Center, which is then distributed to the businesses remaining open for the event.  

Halloween Trick-or-Treating

Come on out for a fun and spooky Halloween in downtown Estes Park - and make it a fun-filled family weekend taking advantage of one of the Current Lodging Specials!

Alpine Tundra in August on Trail Ridge Road

The alpine tundra is amazing this year up on Trail Ridge Road

alpine tundra view

alpine tundra yellow purple flowers