Valentine's Day Estes Park Romantic Getaway

With Valentine’s Day coming up, our featured Lodge of the Month is the epitome of  ‘Romantic Getaway’ - a resort offering  upscale spacious cabins, vacation homes, suites, rooms,  or condos on Fall River with fishing access, or up next to the mountains with expansive views into Rocky Mountain National Park.  Wildwood Inn is located just down the road from the Fall River Entrance station and Visitor Center and provides easy access to Trail Ridge Road through Horseshoe Meadows.


Wildwood Inn Winter


Wildwood Inn specializes in romantic getaways, elopements and weddings.  A unique offering at Wildwood is an on-site spa where you can take advantage of their MANY packages offering spa treatments & massages.  They are also a great place for a family retreat with a fully equipped playground, or for a small group reunion or business gathering.  Offering one of the most extensive choices of spa packages & treatments, chocolates, roses & wine, and daytime outdoor adventures, the knowledgeable staff at Wildwood Inn will help you customize your visit to delight and create special Rocky Mountain memories.   


Wildwood Inn Winter Hot Tub


Experience outdoor adventure by day, sophisticated comfort by night, and a friendly, healthy Estes Park experience always!! Click here if you would like suggestions of other great Estes Park Romantic Getaway options.  For more information on Wildwood Inn, please check out the Wildwood Inn Detail page, call Wildwood Inn at (970) 586-7804 or go to their website to book a stay.

7 Tips for Snowshoeing with Kids in Rocky Mountain National Park

With all the snow that the Rocky Mountains have been getting this winter, a great idea for an outing with the kids is to take them snowshoeing in Rocky Mountain National Park.  Here are 7 great tips to get ready:

Rocky Mountain National Park in January


1)  Make sure you have all the necessary clothing and equipment - hats, mittens, snowsuits and protective gear for the eyes (sunglasses or goggles), as well as waterproof hiking shoes or winter boots.  

2)  Prepare snacks and water so the kids can have nothing to complain about.

3) If you're renting snowshoes, go to Kirk's Mountain Shop or The Warming House in Estes Park.  Be sure to have winter boots that are not too big for the snowshoes (some Sorel boots and other nice, big winter boots don't fit into the snowshoes).

4) Click on this link for a great list of winter hikes in Rocky Mountain National Park.  The easy hikes are all ones that kids can do.  The list shows you what area of the park the hike is in and its difficulty level.  

Snowshoeing Rocky Mountain National Park Fern Lake The Pool


5) Check the weather report for RMNP and plan on going on a nice, sunny day.  Pay attention to the level of wind, as well.  If you're going on a day when there is lots of wind, be sure to pick a hike that's protected from the wind.  For example, this past weekend my family picked the hike "The Pool in Winter" which begins at the Fern Lake Trailhead.  It's nicely protected from the wind and quite easy for the kids.

6)  If your kids are too small, bring along a sled and pull them behind you.

Snowshoeing with kids in RMNP - Fern Lake Trailhead


7) Bring a camera to take pictures of the gorgeous scenery and wildlife that you're sure to see.

Now that you're prepared for a great snowshoeing trip with the kids go have fun!!