National Park Week

Hey, did you know that April 16th-24th is National Park Week? "What's that?" you say - well it's a week when all of our great nation's 394 naturalsprague lake at sunset playgrounds throw open their gates for FREE! So bring your family, bring your friends, tell your book club, "SPRING IS HERE and let's get outside to play!"

There are great activities in the park: from hiking, horseback riding, nature programs, fishing, to easy strolls and spectacular views from the comfort of your car. It's your park, so come explore!

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The White Rabbit of our Winter Wonderland

While out snowshoeing through the wonderland that is Rocky Mountain National Park, you might just spot the white rabbit.'s not actually a white rabbit, it's a hare: a Snowshoe Hare. The main differences between rabbits and hares is that hares give birth to furry young with their eyes open and ready to run.

Snowshoe hares use their huge hind feet to stay on top of the snow, and they are one of the few animals to take advantage of the snowy landscape to reach new resources. With multiple feet of snow on the ground, snowshoe hares can reach tree buds many feet higher than they're able to in the summer months.

Snowshoe hares use their white coats to stay camouflaged, but you can generally find their tracks that look like repeating T's. The need to camouflage to hide from coyotes, lynx, bobcats, mountain lions, and even owls and hawks. They are mostly nocturnal and have huge black eyes which make them look very sweet. So come to the park with snowshoes on your own feet and keep your eyes peeled for the telltale T tracks in the snow. You might just spot a furry snowball with big black eyes!

Guest Blogger is Jared Gricoskie from Yellow Wood Guiding. Contact Yellow Wood Guiding for your own winter tour of Rocky Mountain National Park.