The Perfect Picnic

Family Picnic at Lily Lake in RMNPFamily Picnic on Lily Lake trail in Rocky Mountain National Park

“Perfect” is a risky claim to make, and of course a bit subjective. But we think whether you are a health nut or a comfort food fan, when you surround yourself with a beautiful outdoor setting the food just tastes better!

Finger foods are top on our list because they don’t require packing a fork or spoon. Of course, finger foods are a very broad category, so here are our favorites:

Cheese & Crackers  - There are so many possible variations of this classic combo, but there’s something about the crunch of a cracker combined with the filling, creamy flavor of cheese that hits the spot! And cheese and crackers are so portable. 

Grapes - another great way to stay hydrated.  Grapes are around 80% water.

Sandwiches – I love a good chicken salad or tuna fish sandwich.  But when it comes to picnics I tend to avoid mayonnaise based sandwiches.  You can’t go wrong with a pb&j or ham and cheese!

Applesauce or Yogurt Packets - Grab some Go Go Squeeze or Gogurt  packages and pop them in freezer the night before and they can act as ice packs for the rest of your food.

Fried Chicken – this is one you will have to trust me on.  My husband suggested this as his favorite picnic food when we were first married.  I thought it sounded kind of gross to be honest. But I will readily admit that we all happily devoured it after an active morning outdoors! Here’s the secret: make or buy the fried chicken the night before. While it is still hot, leave it out on paper towels for 30 min for some of the excess grease to drain off before refrigerating overnight. This prevents any excess oil from congealing when cold.      

Veggie sticks  - put some in a ziplock bag with ice.  The ice will melt a little and keep the veggie sticks from wilting, and also help keep your other food cool. 

Nuts – Any nut is great, but we especially love the Boulder, CO nut company Olomomo! Their nuts come in all kinds of unique flavors and are great for a picnic or trail snack. 

Join us on the trails this spring and summer in Rocky Mountain National Park! For designated picnic locations in Rocky Mountain National Park, click here.

The Perfect Hiking Trip (Already Planned for You)!

Women hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park

If you are looking for the perfect hiking trip, we've got some good news: the planning has already been done for you!  All you have to do is:

  1. Book it
  2. Get in shape
  3. Show up for your dream Rocky Mountain hiking adventure!

Picture this: Four days of fabulous hiking on a trail in Rocky Mountain National Park.  Your days are evenly paced with 7-10 miles of hiking, and filled with lush alpine meadows, clear rushing streams, and rocky summits.

Sounds good? It gets better. At day's end, instead of setting up a tent, eating freeze-dried food, and sleeping on the ground, you arrive at an intimate lodge or B&B. There awaits a cold drink, a hot shower, a gourmet meal, and a bottle of wine.  Finish off the day by cracking open the window and climbing into a cozy bed. In the morning after a delicious hot breakfast, you're out the door, ready to see new sites on your adventure.

Forget the heavy pack.  You only carry a daypack as your luggage will be transferred to the next destination.

The Walter Tishma Way, brought to you by Footpaths of the World, is a European-style inn-to-inn trip in Rocky Mountain National Park.  The planning and details are done for you on this self-guided 42 mile adventure. 


Book your trip with Footpaths of the World in Estes Park, CO


  1. Length of trip
  2. Number of people
  3. Double or single occupancy
  4. Preferred Dates

Sample Trip Arriving on a Sunday:

Sunday: Fly into DIA (Denver International Airport in Denver, CO). Pre-book the Estes Park Shuttle for pick-up and delivery to your first lodge in Estes Park.  You will have already received your packet with route guide, maps, gear guide, etc.


  1. Carry-on size luggage to be transferred to each stop
  2. Good sized daypack to carry with you on the trail

If you drive, your car will be parked at the Estes Park Visitor's Center. Footpaths of the World will see that you get back to your car at the end of your adventure.

Monday - Thursday: Begin each day with a delicious breakfast. You'll have a short shuttle in the morning. This has proven to be a good thing as your trip manager is able to keep track of you and give you the "3 Things You Need to Remember Today" rundown.  You will finish the day by walking to your lodge. Each night's accomodations are different and representative ot the area. There is a Victorian-style pub, a modern lodge on a lake, a small B&B, and two historical lodges oozing with Colorado charm.

This fabulous, self-guided, pre-planned trip can be booked at your convenience throughout the summer from the end of May to the end of September. Private guides are also available if you prefer.