Top 10 Reasons to Come to the Long Peak Scottish-Irish Highland Festival this Weekend

Highlands Festival

1. Tatoo Estes - Not the body art you may be thinking of.  Tatoo means: evening drum, bugle, or piper signaling soldiers to their quarters.  The modern version of the tatoo is a parade ground concert of military bands.  Tatoo Estes is known for its powerful performance in a beautiful setting. 

2. Strong Man competition - Be amazed by one man throwing an almost 20 foot, 140 lb caber end over end.  On the festival field there will be hammer throws, putting the stone, and caber tosses.  See these amazing athletes Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  

3. Irish and Scottish Dancing - See the beautiful dances of the isles during competitions and performances throughout the festival.  Dancers display the many forms of Irish and Highland dance that often date back to the 11th and 12th centuries. 

4. Highland Crafts and Merchandise - Shop at the many vendor booths showing their Scottish and Irish wares.

5. Dogs of the British Isles - Learn about the various breeds of the British Isles. See races, herding demonstrations, agility, disc dog presentations and more! One dog will be awarded "Dog of the Festival" on Sunday. 

6. A Parade - See the largest all Celtic parade in North America on Saturday at 9:30 am in Downtown Estes Park.  You'll love the costumes, music, dancers, and bagpipes!

7.  Clans and Societies  - Find out more about your Celtic roots, or just learn about the fascinating history behind famous clans! The festival has a long list of clans that come every year to display their family histories. 

8.  5k Kilted Race - Starting on Elkhorn Avenue (right before the parade kicks off on Saturday morning), and finishing on the main stage of the festival grounds.  Cheer the kilted runners on the way!  

9. The best Celtic bands in the world will be playing - From Folk to Celtic rock, we've got you covered

10. The spectacular mountain setting of Estes Park, CO - Who can think of a more picturesque setting?  Come spend the weekend!  Lodging is still available in and around Estes Park for the weekend.  Click here for Lodging Availability during the festival. 

Dragonflies of Summer at Lily Lake

Estes Park Lily Lake Dragonflies


It was a beautiful day.  The sun was shining.  There was a nice breeze that kept the weather from not being too hot, and we were able to see the beauty of Lily Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park, near Estes Park.  Hundreds of brilliant blue dragonflies were flying alongside us as we walked around the lake. There were so many of them that we couldn’t count. As we walked past them, the wind was blowing hard and they looked like tiny blue flags.  They were all holding on tightly to the grass along the banks of the lake, fluttering away, trying hard to hang on – and succeeding!