Save now on an Annual RMNP Park Pass - Great Holiday Gift

Are you looking for the perfect gift for your loved ones who enjoy visiting Rocky Mountain National Park? Look no further! This is a great way to both give and receive, as the person getting the pass will be able to enjoy the beauty of the park for an entire year, and the park is able to continue to both maintain its current infrastructure and also improve with many new projects.


Big Horn Sheep in RMNP


Now is the time to purchase an annual RMNP pass for yourself or your loved ones, as the price will be increasing from $50 to $60 on Janaury 1, 2017. You can purchase your pass either online (until December 30, 2016) or directly at a park entrance.

For general information about Rocky Mountain National Park, please visit the park’s website at or contact the park’s Information Office at (970) 586-1206

Roosevelt National Forest - Storm Mountain, an easy to moderate motor bike ride near Estes Park

Rocky Mountain National Park is surrounded by several national forests - of which the two main ones are Roosevelt National Forest (to the north and east sides of the park) and Arapaho National Forest (on the west and south sides of the park). 

In the national forests, unlike in RMNP, you are allowed to hunt, as well as take your dog on walks, go ATVing or motorcycling, and in the winter, go snowmobiling. Snowmobiling is only allowed on the groomed trails in Arapaho National Forest, many of which can be found near the Grand Lake area to the west side of RMNP. For more specific information and maps, check out the US Forest Service site. 


Storm Mountain Overlook

Roosevelt National Forest is over 800,000 acres large. It is divided into 2 ranger districts - the Canyon Lakes Ranger District and the Boulder Ranger District. It was originally created in 1897 as a part of the Medicine Bow Forest Reserve, but has since been renamed initially the Colorado National Forest (in 1910), then in 1932 it was renamed again to honor President Theodore Roosevelt. 
Just outside of Drake, in the Roosevelt National Forest, is one of many fun areas where dirt bikers can ride - Storm Mountain. It is an easy to moderate ride, although the conditions of the ride change based on the weather. When the roads get wet, they become very slippery and harder to navigate. If it's been dry for a while, it's easier to manage. When you get to the top you have a magnificent view of the entire foothills area. It's probably one of the best places to see fireworks on the 4th of July, as you can see all the fireworks displays as they happen. For specific trail information and directions, you can check out the Stay the Trail website. Storm Mountain trail is open from mid-June to the end of November.
Storm Mountain Overlook2
And this is the view as you are coming down out of the forest - closer to the Masonville/Fort Collins area. The access on this side of the forest is only open during hunting season.
Storm Mountain trail