Hot Springs near Rocky Mountain National Park

The closest natural hot springs to Rocky Mountain National Park are at Hot Sulphur Springs, CO, located outside of the park about 20 miles to the west of the Kawuneeche Visitor Center on Hwy 40.


Hot Sulphur Springs

*One of the 24 pools in Hot Sulphur Springs, CO


Hot Sulphur Springs has been in operation since 1864. Imagine soaking in the springs where the Ute Indians once bathed. There are over 200,000 gallons of totally natural, fresh hot mineral spring water flowing through the pools daily with no chemicals or filtering.

Every day of the year from 8:00 a.m. to 9:45 p.m. you can access the 24 pools.  Pets are not allowed on the property. Kids who are under 12 can only go into four of the pools, leaving the other 20 pools open for Adults Only for a quiet and relaxing experience.  Fees charged for entrance.


Hot Sulphur Springs pictures

*Pictures of a few of the other pools at Hot Sulphur Springs


All of the minerals found in the hot springs water are good for hair & skin: sodium, sulfates, chloride, magnesium, potassium, calcium, floride, lithium & zinc. You will leave after your soak feeling very relaxed and refreshed.


Old Town Hot Springs in Steamboat Springs

*Old Town Hot Springs in the downtown area of Steamboat Springs, CO


Another option for hot springs near RMNP, if you're looking for a longer day trip, is to head northwest from RMNP to Steamboat Springs, CO with its two different hot springs: Strawberry Park Hot Springs and Old Town Hot Springs.


  • Strawberry Park Hot Springs is located up in the mountains above Steamboat and is much more natural in feeling. In addition to their hot spring pools, they also offer areas for Watsu therapy and table massages for the total relaxation experience.
  • Old Town Hot Springs is perfect for those looking for a nice soak closer to town with waterslides (open seasonally) and a workout facility as well.

Elk Bugling in Town

The elk are out in force this fall for their bugling season. Below is a story of 3 bull elk and more than 30 cows (females) wandering around downtown Estes...

The largest and most imposing of the bull elk started bugling

Bull Elk bugling



And gathering up his harem of cows ...

Bull Elk gathering cows

A fight ensued with two other male bull elk... and the most imposing one won - with a crown of grass on his head!

Bull elk won fight

The other two bull elk were not happy, as they lost all their harems to the big guy.

Two bull elk

And the harem of more than 30 cow elk left the area with the big guy, leaving the two younger bull elk with no cows!

30 Elk cows